Sunday, June 27, 2010

Never To Be Defined - June 27, 2010

Never To Be Defined

Collected skeins of unraveled words drift along in space
Existing in the complexity of time
Bits and pieces of exchanges between two hearts
Containing the mysteries of their rhyme

Sweetness held in close regard never to be revealed
Lies waiting between each and every line
Of the secrets that the words themselves contain
Safely locked away to never be defined

Time will ever hold these words in its warm embrace
As a divine reminder of a love so true
A legacy to only be unraveled by two loving hearts
Exchanging words of love the way we do

These skeins of unraveled words exist here in this time
Complex and yet so simple in their truth
Rhyme, reason, or their secrets, are not to be defined
Until read, by two hearts in love so true

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Phoenix Montoya said...

Lovely poem!

Anonymous said...

That's so lovely. What a wonderful way to start the day off! :)

Anonymous said...

While the imagination creates such beautiful love scenarios, my heart aches from the truth.

lorilynn said...

having the blessings of reading your poems to start my day is awesome.....♥♥♥

phyllis said...

One of ypour most beautiful and moving

revivor said...

very accomplished - love the way the final verse summarises and ties up the three before, revivor

arisophanes said...

Oh, such lovely words, oh how they make every sight, every smell, every taste, every .............just heightened to the Nth degree!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quite intriguing and thought provoking! I love it!!