Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Truth Beneath the Rose - June 15, 2010

The Truth Beneath the Rose

There lies a bitter truth beneath the rose
Which one is not always able to see
As their eyes cannot see past, the beauty of the face
Which hides the stinging truth that lies beneath

The deepest passion radiates from eyes that glow and shine
Into those of quickly pursuing souls
Warming their hearts but not warning their minds
Of the piercing thorns that lie beneath the rose

Their hands so swiftly reach to touch the loveliness they see
As their eyes are blinded to the thorns that lie beneath
She has captured many, holding wisdom great and true
Yet only thorns into their hearts did she bequeath

Take caution when you reach for the sweetest rose
With petals as soft as the morning dew
This loveliness you see, deceptively hides what is beneath
The sharpest thorns, may lie in wait there, just for you

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Anonymous said...

The beauty of these words overides the sharpness that may lie hidden. Once again a Beautiful poem Neva.

Steven R. Ward (Kosyman) said...

Beautiful ;)

jo oliver said...

Composed with just as much elegance as a rose possesses:)

Angela Artemis said...

Just beautiful. What else can I say?

Anonymous said...

This was my birthday Neva, and I wish that I had read it on the day, The Truth Beneath the Rose. is a wonderful poem