Friday, June 25, 2010

I Lie In Wait - June 25, 2010

 I Lie In Wait

My bow and arrow I have with me
All ready set in place
To use the very next time I see
Cupid's smiling face

I lie in wait expectantly for him
An ambush I have prepared
No sleep will these eyes of mine have until
His arrows of love I have shared

The very first moment I see him approach
Smiling and wielding his bow
I will draw back with my own true aim
Catch him with his own arrow

Then I will stand with a smile of my own
What a sight to behold it shall be
To watch Cupid fall in love himself
And see how it feels to be me

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010



Anonymous said...

Thought provoking and on the poignant side. Good post, Neva!

Kate Smedley said...

So sweet and full of hope, thank you Neva.

Kathy K said...

That'll teach him to be pointing his arrows just any ol' direction. : ]

Steven R. Ward (Kosyman) said...

Silly? Not at all, hun; I thought it was very sweet and inspiring, another one of your poems that reached a relative position in my own life ;)

dawid said...

Good fun with a twist in the tail!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wouldn't wish love on anyone.............

phyllis said...

Not at all silly-- liked this--

kdpgrahi said...

Well imaginative. Not silly

BBB said...

Very quaint and poignant! :)

lorilynn said...

just adorable. i found this piece to be humorous. another winner!!

Ryan said...

Sweet poem.

revivor said...

nice little ditty!!

Anonymous said...

Superb !!!!!