Saturday, June 19, 2010

Say No - June 19, 2010

Say No

You have been broken in so many places
At times right in two
Why is it then that each time you mend
More breakage you pursue

I have glued you together with all of my tears
Thinking perhaps this time you will learn
Yet you continue to go out and get hurt
Crying because you were burned

Thinking I could toughen you up a bit
Against you I did conspire
I froze you like a block of ice
In response you jumped right in the fire

Now I do not know what to do with you
You aggravate me so
I suppose I will just keep fixing you
Until you learn how to say no

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


PoeticHeart said...

I'm loving your writing, and the images! I'm so happy to have encountered you on stumbleupon. Such masterpieces of words woven. ~ Such a wonderful theme - "mending the breaks" ~ love it!

BBB said...

I can relate to this one! It is so frustrating to try to 'toughen' someone up only to have them jump right back into that fire! Gr-r-r!

lorilynn said...

wow, great post neva. you amaze me!!! i am proud to have you as a friend!!

Phoenix Montoya said...

Another heartfelt poem. Love it!