Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 17, 2010 - My Mountain

My Mountain

All of my life
I have been climbing a mountain
And been beset often, by vast days of strife
I never quite reach the top
Yet, I keep climbing and I'll never stop

I have been fighting a battle
Sometimes with each step that I take
Fighting off demons with angels
While deciding what to keep or forsake

The vision of truth in my destination
Some days is so very unclear
Of which paths I should be taking
And of which paths
I should steer clear

No matter how hard this endeavor
Ever it shall become
To get to the top of this mountain
I shall persistently climb

Learning always
From all my mistakes
Until, my journey

Is done

Neva Flores 2009


Phill Senters said...

We all have mountains to climb Neva. Some of us will succeed, some will give up too soon, and some won't try at all. I bet you will be one of those who succeed.

phyllis said...

Neva you have amazing gifts; You'll climb every mountain you face ; look back, see what you have already climbed-

Wonderful poetry , wonderful woman writing;

Paul said...

we all have our mountains to climb, we must never give up!

BBB said...

Beautiful poetry and image!