Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010 - Follow The One

Follow The One

This path that I'm on I walk alone
Don't get ahead get behind me
I reach my destination
With the One in my heart to guide me

You speak of the wisdom of ages
And say what will be will be
While inside you a battle it rages
And your confusion is as deep as the sea

You offer a hand to lead me along my path
When you don't know your own way
I walk alone on this path I'm on
And follow the One to whom I pray

Neva Flores 01/26/10


phyllis said...

Life's journey , essentially alone-

Your writing is so sensitive-- Thank you Neva , for sharing your gift ---

Cat Dozer said...

We are never alone in our life's journey,we just don't see the constant hand that offers to help