Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 22, 2010 - You Catch Me

You Catch Me

You saw the truth in my eyes today
You felt it reflected in all that you are
The truth was not as you thought it would be
From your thoughts it was so far

I found myself falling and reaching out
To something I thought wasn't there
To stop my fall from breaking me
And leaving me with only open air

Hitting the ground I thought would break
Everything that I am in two
Yet I have fallen and not hit the ground
Because your love for me is true

Your love it caught me in its net
And made me see the truth
You are there reaching out
And I have not been trusting you

Neva Flores 2010

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happymaker said...

That is just beautiful. How do you come up with these beautiful poems?
the happymaker