Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010-If I Had To Choose

If I Had To Choose

If I knew
That tomorrow would not come
And I only had today
I would want to spend each moment
That I had left
Right here with you

If I had to choose
To forget everything and everyone
I have ever known, except for one
I would choose
To remember only you

If I had to pick one place
To be the last place I could ever be
I would choose your arms
To hold me tenderly

Neva Flores 2010


Phill Senters said...

That's beautiful Neva. Makes one think what if there were to be no tomorrow.

Cabbie Joe said...

This is beautiful Neva,you really do have a gift.

phyllis said...

This so speaks to universal experience ; you do so in only a few words-- beautiful

Paul said...

To be with each other on the final would be the ulimate love