Monday, January 4, 2010

January 05, 2010 - Fire


My Love you are so deep
And you run so wide
Your tender words of love
Have built in me a fire inside

This fire it is white-hot
It burns deep inside my soul
I fear it will consume me
If soon you I do not hold

Such a fire you have created
It has flames that reach the sky
Come and quench this fire
you've started
And your love to me
Do not deny

Neva Flores  01/05/10


Kate Smedley said...

Beautiful poem Neva, you have a great talent.

catdozer said...

so true when cupid fires his arrow

phyllis said...

In just a few words you have captured what Passion feels like; What a gift you have Neva--

Robert Miller said...

wonderful Neva.