Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010 - One In Love

One in Love
True Love does not have an opposite
Yet many think that it is fear
It is more powerful than anything you will ever feel
And is the air that surrounds you here

Everything that exists no matter in what way
Good or bad, powerful or weak
Appears and lives among this love
And one with it will be

To choose to not be one in love
Is not possible nor does it make sense
This I cannot separate from
Nor will I ever hence

These times we live in
Often make it easy to forget why we are here
We must see that we are one in love
As love is what brought us here

Neva Flores 2010


djinnga said...

Lovely poem is the InifineLove that pulses through our hearts radiating Love and Light ToDay...

Anonymous said...

What is love....A strong positive emotion of regard and affection and your words in your poem............One in Love projects exactly that:))

phyllis said...

Lovely . a positive affirming description of a love that lasts.

mysticdave said...

So very true.....Love is what brought us here :)