Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010 - My Thoughts

My Thoughts

You are the first thought on my mind
Each day when I awake
You roam between the rest
All throughout my day

You are the last thought on my mind
Before I drift off to sleep
And you walk in all my dreams
It seems my thoughts you keep

If I should wake or drift off to sleep
And thoughts of you are not on my mind
I will not be here at all
I believe that one will find

Neva Flores  2010


Phill Senters said...

Nice one Neva. The picture and the poem both depict what love looks like.

mysticdave said...

Yes, love does look like this....beautiful words as well, and good to see you on poetry blog rankings, i added you to my faves, and ranked you :))

BBB said...

I remember feeling like this--many, many years ago. I miss that feeling but will most likely never feel it again due to an abusive marriage that turned me against any further relationships. I've been alone for 12 years now and love it!

phyllis said...

-- This is indeed what love looks like , so perfectly described in your poetry--

catdozer said...

It is you never want to leave each other.

Ann Margrain said...

beautifully said!