Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23, 2010 - Paper and Ink

Paper and Ink

Sitting at my desk so many nights
With ink of black and paper white
Reflecting on my pain and joy
I look into my very soul and write

Sometimes I wonder if anyone understands
What it is I am trying to say
Do I truly express my joy and pain
And do they share those feelings I convey

Do they cry with me when they read my pain
Like I cried when I wrote it down
And do they smile at the joy I share
About the love that I have found

Do they feel my loss and joy like they feel their own
When they read the words I write
With ink of black on paper white
So many, many nights.

I can only hope that my joy is felt
When the words I write are read
As is my pain and loss
And that at least one reading them will understand
How much baring ones soul can cost

Neva Flores 2010


Phill Senters said...

Such a meaningful poem Neva. Baring one's soul can cost dearly for when you do. you are at your most vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

There is at least one. Beautifully done.

BBB said...

Well written and meaningful!

michelle said...

this is awesome and yes some of us understand the pain and what it means to bare your soul.

Scott W. said...

Yes, I understand your aching heart.
I will explain one day why.
For when I had my broken heart, all I wanted to do was die.

In July it will be 4 years ago, that my heart was broke in half.
All I ever did was cry, never did I laugh.

I have struggled to see the light again, but God has seen me through.
And just as He did for me, I'm sure He'll do for you too.

Paul said...

I do Neva as many other friends do