Monday, January 25, 2010

January 26, 2010 - Run Through

Run Through

My shield and sword I keep with me
By my side each day
Ever ready to face what comes
To meet me on my way

A band of warriors by my side
With the greatest care
Fighting unseen foes on all planes
By lifting up their prayers

Iniquity comes and it will aim
To break a heart that's true
But a warrior on the righteous path
Will its wickedness run through

Neva Flores 01/26/10

5 comments: said...

Once again Neva Flores has created yet another great poetry composition...."Run Through"
Indeed a privilege to read. TY:))

phyllis said...

So much strength in this work; Reflects it's Author ---

djinnga said...

the hearts feel the emotions painted here by Neva Flores...this is what makes a poem successful...firstly transmitting thought clearly and secondly inviting th reader to look within... thank you for the inspiration xxx

mysticdave said...

Beautiful, strong words as always...... :)

catdozer said...

Friends to help when there are troubled times