Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beautiful Heart - August 4, 2010

Beautiful Heart

Smooth and cool as pebbles cast upon the sand
The unique essence of your voice I hear
Echoing through my spirit triumphantly in command
Of every bit of resistance I have near

The deepest pools of heaven are that of which I see
Each time I gaze into your eyes
I find I am drowning in your victorious glance
While stripping myself bare of all my pride

Such sweet anticipation that glows into a flame
The very sight of your hands ignites in me
Evoking melodic recollections of immense pleasure
If not felt, one would never believe

So heavenly is the beauty that I hear and I see
Yet, that which I love the most stands apart
You are the most magnificent man that I've ever known
But most of all, I love your beautiful heart

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Anonymous said...

The most beautiful expression of love affair in this poem.

johnnydod said...

Wonderful wonderful
drowning in your victorious glance

You have surpassed yourself.

kdpgrahi said...

Your imaginative heart is so beautiful that I hope all of us have such hearts.I have a nightmarish fear of hearts full of pretensions. By virtue of your lovely poetry let those disappear. Thanks Vanu.

Kate Smedley said...

Gorgeous poem Neva, such a luxurious feel to it, beautifully done.

ensemble5 said...

Really beautiful, you touch the beauty of the heart!Neva .. I find also very beautiful (drowing in your victorious glane)merci pour ce poem ~~

TJF4316 said...

Just one word......"Stunning"

PoeticHeart said...

Gorgeous emotions of love and passion! Beautiful Neva!

lorilynn said...

so beautiful!! evokes passionate love for a loved one. wonderfully done!!

ErickPardus said...
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Bruim5 said...

Beautiful words for a Loved One!!!

BBB said...

Beautiful write, Neva! :)

Beatrice said...

Beautiful...and he is smiling.

revivor said...