Saturday, August 14, 2010

Keeper of the Keys - August 14, 2010

Keeper of the Keys

You stand holding the golden keys that unlock the doors
To so many wonderful secret places
Fully knowing the others are looking back at you
With their deeply questioning faces

Do you even understand the responsibility you hold
As the keeper of these golden keys
Are you willing to open up those secret doors
Widely, for all the world to see

Are you holding back in a moment of hesitation
Doubting yourself and your admission
While knowing deeply in your heart of hearts
You will not falter in your mission

Look into the revealing mirror of life's given wisdom
Behold experience reflecting back at you
Take courage from what you hold in your convictions
Pick up the keys, you know what you must do

You are the keeper of the keys of wonderful secret places
The only one who can unlock the doors
Share what you hold inside with all the questioning faces
Giving them the hope they came here for

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


CM said...

"You will not falter in your mission" inspiring and motivating. I really enjoyed this post!

Tina said...

amazing blog! full of inspirational poetry and soothing images. I'm glad i came here. Lovely to read you. Thanks for sharing.