Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unfazed - August 17, 2010


Subtle whispered streams of gentle sighs
Elate silken strands of hair
As they softly dance and weave upon the neck
Of the yielding radiance they find there

An exquisite submission sweetly lies divine
In all the welcoming allure
Felt like the velvet kisses of whispered fire
In the obscure haze of ashes they have stirred

A touch of heaven, swiftly moves the earth
Inhaled by the single silken strands
Tempting enchantment in a fiery blaze of motion
Within the whisper of love's command

Deeply mesmerizing in their intriguing flow
The radiance is invited, by the gently streaming haze
Yet still you wonder if the whispered streams will be welcomed
If the spirit remains unyielding and unfazed

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


A Little Bird said...

Nice Miss Neva!!

Eric Alder said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture, which fits the poem to a tee!

DEFINITION: those people who 'grow roots' ahead of you in a buffet line.

lorilynn said...

hmmmm, she is very independant and nothing fazes her anymore. perfect!!

Kate Smedley said...

Absolutely stunning yet again Neva, I think this is my favourite yet. I love your use of language, the imagery 'elate silken strands of hair' and 'tempting enchantment in a fiery blaze of motion' ... I could go on and on, just beautiful.

Eric Alder said...

Man, I keep coming back to see this photo. (Re-reading the poem isn't helping either! I've got an e-crush!)

Neva Flores said...

Eric, take her with you...........:)

ensemble5 said...

Soft poetry, subtly, finely well written thank you Neva x, x.

Heather Mirassou said...

Stellar as usual Neva! Kudos.

Eric Alder said...

If only, Neva, if only. But such things aren't meant to be.

I wrote something for her so I could let her go: Force of Attraction

Brian Miller said...

beautiful neva..a little sorrow in that last line for the unyielding...i hope not. smiles. noce oneshot!

Fireblossom said...

Ah, this is delicious, in more ways than one. I love the seductive allure of the body of the piece, so inviting and promising, but then there is the doubtful and tantalizing twist at the end. Lovely!

A little inscrutability here, a little lack of surety there, makes us all the more appealling in the end, yes? ;-)

Mory said...

great imagery. you make her look irresistible. you sure know how to put words together. fantastic poem.

Best regards,

SuziCate said...

Did you write the poem for the pic or find the pic to accompany the poem. either way, fabulous connection, absolutely splendid!

Neva Flores said...

I found the picture later Suzi. I rarely ever write from an image but it is so neat when one can find one we are inspired by. Thank you for your visit and comment. :)

CM said...

Oh I too was going to ask if she find the pic first or other way around, thanks for answering that.

This poem was so silky smooth and beautiful...that picture is perfect for it!

CM said...

How did I write "she" in my last comment when I meant "you"??? I have no clue :-)

Desert Rose said...

Stunning She is Neva..loved both the portrait with the words and the photo..;)

Newell said...

Nice poem!


dustus said...

Impeccable flow. Lingering lines that remind me of the unaccepted invitation of unrequited love; and can definitely be interpreted a few ways. Deep poem. Awesome One Shot!

moondustwriter said...

Neva - I feel and hear the silk as it rustles.

Nice for One Shot

Smiles from the Moon

Claudia said...

intriguing piece you wrote neva...velvet kisses of whispered fire...wow!

Pete Marshall said...

the picture had me drooling..i will fight Eric for her..the poem was written with such exquisite class that played so well with the image

as for words..this is excellent

A touch of heaven, swiftly moves the earth
Inhaled by the single silken strands
Tempting enchantment in a fiery blaze of motion
Within the whisper of love's command

Magnus Holmgren said...

I love this...thanks for sharing! :)

Beachanny said...

Reading your poem was like taking in a compressed romance novel but better. The details contain the sensuality, the overall conveys its beauty. Well written. Thank you. Gay

joanny said...

Eloquent, exquisite and alluring, a beautiful poem, mesmerizing.

Lovely visual, very fitting for your beautiful style of poetry. A perfect poem.



Monkey Man said...

Some seem unfazed and unyielding, yet inside cry out to be touched with more than burning eyes. Rather with words that feel of soul and truth and strike a chord within us like a finely tuned instrument. Great piece, Neva.

suja said...

Nice words apt for the picture Neva..just flowing...
Is that Padma lakshmi in the picture? The ex-wife of Salman Rushdie!!

PattiKen said...

I was reading this as a siren song of seduction. I never expected the resistance expressed in the ending. I guess I should have, given the title, but I was totally seduced, so... Very nice.

revivor said...

great poem - love the catch in the last two lines