Monday, August 2, 2010

Sleeping Trees - August 02, 2010

 Sleeping Trees
A cool breeze lulled the trees to sleep
The wise old owl did cry
All the forest creatures looked at him
Shook their heads and sighed

Their eyes are closed, can't you see, he said
Not a single one has moved
They all smiled back in response
As if they all approved

A complete rush of stillness fell upon the air
Like one had never felt before
Nothing moved at all or stirred about
Upon the forest floor

The wise old owl sat completely stunned in wonder
Colossal eyes, searching all around
Thinking perhaps the trees were not the only ones
Who were sleeping sound

Suddenly the earth began to move and tremble
Shaking everything within his sight
All was stirring in the quiet forest
Trembling now in fright

The wise old owl no longer felt the breeze
Which lulled the trees to sleep
Now afraid to even move one inch
His stillness he did keep

Such awful terror filled his tiny heart
Off racing went his mind
Wondering if the trees were now awake
Angry and unkind

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Anonymous said...

Nice play of words,mother Earth is wiser.

BBB said...

Wonderfully insightful! :)

ensemble5 said...

A fresh breeze of words well chosen, we feel this calm and the storm inéviable.. lovely poem Neva x.x.

PoeticHeart said...

Lovely Neva, perhaps the onset of a storm, or even a team of men with their equipment to cut limber...I like the way to which you did this poem.

lorilynn said...

for my love of owls!!

Bruim5 said...

Very descriptive, a good poem.
The Mother Wakes !!

Kate Smedley said...

This almost feels like a 'tale of old'. Beautiful words.

Beatrice said...

I could feel the owl's anguish. Nice one!