Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fading Ink - August 01, 2010

Fading Ink

Countless pages are silently turned in unread books
With quiet secrets passed through the ages
Mysteriously holding inside, wisdom passed down
Deep thoughts of the sages

Sensational scenes of marvelously profound dreams
Lie patiently there waiting upon the fading ink
The rich abundant thoughts of great men of worth
With an innate drive to uniquely think

A gentle breeze of knowledge blows across one's face
Softly calling out a sweep of welcoming hail
Tempting minds with a voracious need to learn
To come and read their untold tales

Take a moment out in your life's seeking journey
To rest your eyes upon these unread lines
Read and treasure the wisdom offered in measure
Satisfy the hunger you hold in your mind

If you find your mind is hungry and seeking appeasement
Driven deeply, by a powerful need to learn
Take a taste of the great wisdom left there in earnest
Satisfaction waits, in those pages you turn

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Jonie said...

I see you are a fellow bookworm! You describe me so well - when I hold a new book in my hands I feel the excitement and expectancy you describe here so well. A big fat book... the weight, the smell - heaven! Great!!

Anonymous said...

Encouraging poem ;The powerful force that drives us towards innate wisdom, we look among mortals, but not all are lit, so I seek the knowledge that emanates from God, source of all wisdom.

kdpgrahi said...

The presentation style is excellent. The topic is very very mundane and simple, down to earth. I liked and recommend

lorilynn said...

i am also a lover of books. you described this beautifully. you never cease to amaze me neva.

ensemble5 said...

Reading, poetry, is the most beautiful gift that can afford. Is this not a beautiful and solitary journey which transports us beyond of reality by a path filled with intense emotions experienced as a treasure in the intimacy of our being? excellent very well express .lovely poem Neva x.x

BBB said...

Absolutely wonderful!! I am an avid reader and can truly relate to this wonderful poem!

TJF4316 said...

So very wonderful and true.

Bruim5 said...

Knowledgeis the Key to everything, Books are only one way of achieving it

Beatrice said...

A peep into my world - thank you.

revivor said...

love books - but this has encouraged me to read them!!