Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kiss of Promise - August 15, 2010

 Kiss of Promise

A kiss of promise, brushes your dispassionate composure
Gently opening your silent heart
Inviting possibilities, you had decided never could exist
Resulting in a fiery burning start

A spirit of harmonious splendor has gently grazed your hand
Inspiring you to open up your eyes
Daring you to attempt objection to its lovely graceful plea
Leaving you with only joyful sighs

A kiss of promise leaves one breathless to the possibilities
Of following their former heartfelt dreams
Stirs you in anticipation of a journey you thought lost
With the setting of yesterday’s sunbeams

Return the kiss of promise, with an open invitation
Explore all the possibilities it holds
Hold the hand of the spirit of a gentle harmonious splendor
Do not let your heart remain empty and cold

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem, and beautifully constructed as well. Very well done :)

Tracy H

Claudia said...

nice write Neva - this kiss of promise changed everything...

Anonymous said...

I feel the longing in this (as you are well aware by now)... the kiss of promise! When is the last time you felt that kiss??? Bisous, Love and Light, Sender said...

Absolutely wonderful! I agree, excellent construction and contextualized in a beautiful form (quite pleasing to the eyes too). It reads with great seduction and yearns the call to release the spirit of love. Bravo!!

Brian Miller said...

beautifully put together and i flowed right along my desire for the kiss building....

joanny said...

Tender longing, passionate, and gentle, I could feel the passion building with each stanza, lovely.

Beautiful poem, and I adore the photo you chose as well.

Nicely crafted.


Thank you for becoming a follower, I became a follower of yours too.

ensemble5 said...

Beautiful NEVA ! This poem is delightful, Kiss so well surrounded by your poetry... lovely ;))~~

Desert Rose said...

Beautiful poem Neva..and the photo is so perfect! Enjoyed this read..:)

dustus said...

Lovely picture and poem. The picture is exquisite and has the coolest details in it (for instance, the reflection of the candle light in the window pane). The words were also very enjoyable. thanks!

Beachanny said...

Expectation and well realized in your poem. Beautifully written with a sense of mystery and longing woven through it. Well done. Thank you.