Friday, August 13, 2010

Wrong Choices - August 13, 2010

Wrong Choices

You quickly passed into the crystal wall of reflection
To marvel at inciting bits of temptation
Found yourself lost and intoxicated in false delusions
While your energy dissipated into frustration

You looked upon treasures just out of your reach
Sadly crying out in dissatisfaction
Continuously attempting to hold and pursue them
Thinking they held satisfaction

You lived in your imagination in a castle built with sand
Forgetting to lay a strong foundation
Upon a shore in a land full of tumultuous storms
Where it rains without cessation

So still you became as if you could no longer move
All your energy expended for naught
Soon, forgetting who you were and all that you stood for
Everything that you had been taught

You are not trapped inside the crystal wall of reflection
You are free to leave most any day
Stop living in your castle of crumbling sand
Because of wrong choices you made

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Jonie said...

Wise words indeed - wrong choices aren't the end. We can free ourselves from the delusion of being trapped and walk tall into the future.
You have chosen the image so well to represent hope as we step out of our past. Great!

Claudia said...

so true - and i'm also glad that we are free to turn away from wrong choices we made and start all over again..enjoyed to read your poem - wise words!

CM said...

So true, such good advice. Your words are profound yet poetic.

Your blog is beautiful! Where did you find these images, they are amazing!

SuziCate said...

Fabulous imagery with such wonderful words. We often make wrong choices in life and fortunately are afforded the opportunity to turn away and go the right way. Thumbed through many of your entries. You have a way with words (much spiritual wisdom) and lovely pictures to accompany your word, very soothing.

Linda said...

How wise and true - and beautiful this poem is Neva. It speaks to my heart.

BBB said...

Yes! You can grow from those wrong choices and make a better life for yourself! Great write, Neva!!

Eric Alder said...

Very encouraging words! The last two lines are wonderful!