Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Sea of Wonder - August 26, 2010

My Sea of Wonder

A taste of heavenly wonder greets my adoring face
In the distinct form of salty spray
Such magnificent showers of mist filled hours
You bless me with each day

A lullaby of mesmerizing verse I hear in every wave
Crashing upon your delightful shore
My heart cannot help but sing along with you
Deeply love you even more

I faintly hear the distant cries of the soaring gulls
Impassioned by the sight of thee
I wonder if you intensely bless their tiny souls
The way that you bless me

I feel the warmth begin to fade from the setting sun
Soon, I know I must leave your side
Travel along your sandy shores, safely to my home
Knowing in my dreams, you will still abide

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Jonie said...

I love the sea - thanks!

ensemble5 said...

Thou hast touched my heart with your words while sea roundness. Beautiful poem .... thanks Neva ~~

Eric Alder said...

Written at sea-side, so it seems. I can smell the salt air. :)

lorilynn said...

love it, almost makes me want to go to the beach with this poem. i am only 4 miles from the coast. reading this prose gives a beautiful meaning to the ocean and the waves.

Laura said...

Very nice. I bet you love the sea :)

BBB said...

I've never been to the sea. This makes me feel like I have now! :)

Kate Smedley said...

It makes me want to go to the beach again, stunning words Neva.

Ryan said...

I wish I was in a warm country right now for the beach, beautifully written poem.

brokenpenwriter said...

A lullaby of mesmerizing verse I hear in every wave

I really like this line; it brings me back to those moments on the shore when I lay half in and half out of awakeness and the waves seemed to be speaking to my brain in a language that somehow I understood

revivor said...

"you will still abide" - that lovley permanence that the sea provides

Anonymous said...

Ten years have passed since I last saw the sea...this poem makes me realize how I need to go down to the sea again. Thank, Neva :)

kdpgrahi said...

I feel the concluding stanza should have some optimistic ends. above all a fine poem