Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reassurance - August 19, 2010


I see you twinkling back at me from the midnight sky
Sending guiding light through the air
Instilling marvelous wonder into my beating heart
With the sweetest peace, that you share

Your light fills my soul with the sustenance I seek
To reestablish all that has gone astray
Filling me with the courage of everlasting hope
The strength I need to walk another day

No longer do I sit alone, desolate in my despair
With you there above me in my sky
As I can hear you singing inside this soul of mine
To take heart, as the future is so bright

Sweet guiding light in heaven, twinkling back at me
Such peace and contentment you bring
As you shed your light, I see all the possibilities
Waiting for me now in life's wings

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


BBB said...

This makes me want to go out and stargaze tonight! Great write!

Eric Alder said...

You have a talent for capturing those moments of wonder. Very nice!

Chris G. said...

My goodness. This poem is filled with a lot of tranquility, a lot of contentment. It has a gentle, lulling sort of tone to it--a perfect portrait of a little evening stargaze. And you use this evening to capture so much more. Just like the stars, life's routes are seemingly endless.

As Eric's commented--you've managed to capture a moment, and perfectly so. Majestic. Well done.