Monday, August 30, 2010

Kiss of a Crimson Poppy - August 30, 2010

Kiss of a Crimson Poppy
Last night I sweetly dreamt of fragrant flowers
In a changing kaleidoscope awhirl
Twirling as I yielded to their stunning presence
Thrilling as they gently swirled

I twirled and twirled inhaling the freshest heaven
I never knew could possibly exist
Lost inside an unforgettable aromatic world
My senses will never forget

A touch of satin rose petals brushed my cheek
As purple violets tickled my nose
Crimson poppies slipped though my fingers
Gently kissing the tips of my toes

I believe I found heaven in my dream last night
Twirling in an aromatic silken bliss
When I felt the touch on the tips of my toes
Of a crimson poppies kiss

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Arts Web Show said...

This is cool.
I like your style

SuziCate said...

What vivid and lovely images you conjure. I agree with Arts WEb, I like your style.

BBB said...

I love this one! Wow!

JamieDedes said...

Such a sweet, gentle, evocative poem and illustration. I do love both. Thank you ...

And did you know you have been awarded the Outstanding Blogger award?

Check it out. Hope you will accept.

Neva Flores said...

I didn't know...........thank you!

Anonymous said...

Lovely read today, Neva! :)

brokenpenwriter said...

incredible photograph - did you take it? Beautiful images, both photo and poem

Michelle said...

Awesome poem Sis!!! Love ya'

Anonymous said...

This is brings to mind a scene from the film "What Dreams May Come", a colorful romp through some brilliantly rendered flowers. A wonderful poem, Neva. Sorry I've been slow to get back here...catching up now :)